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Navya’s online Expert Opinion Service provides personalized expert treatment plans for cancer patients within 24 hours.

Innovative Technology Streamlines The Process

Unlike telemedicine solutions, which replicate an in-person consultation between doctor and patient, Navya’s technology replicates the processes for delivering treatment decisions at world leading tertiary care centers. At a hospital, trained clinical professionals spend significant time synthesizing patients’ history and medical reports into a concise format so that experts can review them quickly.

Navya uses machine learning to replicate this process in an efficient, accessible, and scalable manner. After Navya receives a patient's medical reports, trained clinical analysts use Navya’s technology to create a concise case summary. The Navya evidence and experience engines determine the most applicable evidence-based treatment options for each case. The engines’ innovative machine learning technology offers the unique ability to replicate the intuition experts gain throughout their careers.

Online, Organ Specific, Multidisciplinary Tumor Board

The patient’s case summary and the Engines’ treatment recommendations are shared with  organ specific specialists relevant to a patient’s case. Navya’s structured case summary enables , experts to provide their opinion in a matter of minutes. Navya allows multiple experts to collaborate efficiently through quick, asynchronous communication, providing the patient easy access to an online tumor board. Experts’ responses are fed back into the system, improving the breadth of cases the system can solve.

Accessible to Anyone

The Expert Opinion Service can be used by patients directly, or can be accessed by caregivers and physicians on their behalf. Navya has partnered with CSR and NGOs to ensure that the Expert Opinion is accessible to any patient in need, regardless of their income, language, or ability to understand complex medical terminology. Over 50,000 cancer patients from 74 countries worldwide have reached out to Navya for an expert opinion on their treatment options.

Personalized and Empathetic

Patients are assigned a patient advocate who guides them through every step of the process. Patient advocates also help patients formulate questions for the experts. This allows patients to ensure they get the information they need, without the pressure of fitting all of their questions in a brief in-person consultation.

Every time a patient uses Navya’s Expert Opinion Service, we request that they include their treatment preferences (such as a desire to avoid surgery, or a desire to receive treatment near their home) and financial constraints. By factoring patients’ unique clinical and personal circumstances into their treatment decision, we provide solutions that are applicable, affordable, and unique to the patient.