For Insurers

We increase adherence to

guideline based cancer care.

Our computational solutions empower payors to streamline prior authorization for oncologists and patients facing complex medical decisions. Navya offers two tools that allow payors to interface directly with our clinical informatics system, Case Based Search and ExpertApp.

Our Impact

At ASCO 2020, we presented results illustrating that Navya intervention:

  • resulted in an increase in on-the-ground compliance with guidelines by 15%.

  • led Oncologists planning non guideline adherent therapies to change their treatment plan 50% of the time.

Our Products

Case Based Search

A payor can enter the patient’s medical case details directly into Case Based Search, or with the help of Navya analysts. At the click of a button, Case Based Search uses Navya’s Evidence and Experience Engines to search Navya’s database and return a list of treatments for a patient that are consistent with guidelines and experience at tertiary care centers.

The treatments are ranked by quality of trial, strength of endpoints, sample size, effect size, match of the patient with demographic data, and other factors. This allows payors to access Navya’s wealth of expertise at the point of care to assess different treatments’ applicability to a patient.


The Navya ExpertApp enables quick, asynchronous, virtual collaboration between a multidisciplinary group of experts to arrive at a single treatment recommendation for a patient. Payors can send cases to experts on the ExpertApp to resolve complex cases where patients are seeking new therapies.

The ExpertApp uses templates to summarize a patient’s medical case in a highly structured format and presents experts with a choice of experience and guideline based treatment options generated by Navya’s clinical informatics system. Using preset weights for each expert, based on specialization, experience, and expertise, the ExpertApp’s reconciliation algorithms build a consensus opinion.

This allows payors to make an individualized review on a complex medical case from an objective group of experts in a rapid, seamless manner.