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Peer-reviewed published results show 98 percent concordance between Navya's "Structured Treatment Options" and medical tumor board decisions from leading institutions.


Using the Navya Expert App, I was able to provide a patient my treatment recommendation in only 6 minutes. For comparison a similar task on other systems like Grand Rounds would have taken about an hour.

Dr. Tiffany Traina

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Medical Oncologist | Breast

We were very impressed with the product. It was one of the most innovative products I have seen that is evidenced based and optimizes AI and has the opportunity for scale. I think the time savings to physicians and the anonymity of the doctor are very appealing; and solves an issue we have.

Mara Bloom, JD, MS

Massachusetts General Hospital
Vice President

Among these were the "intelligent" distillation of the cases, the decision support generating recommendations and the automation of report generation. I asked Access Hope's CEO to see how we can leverage your capabilities.

Dr. Harlan Levine

City of Hope Cancer Center
President, Strategy & Business Ventures

We are now trying to use the system to verify the line of treatment offered to cancer patients under the PMJAY, so that we know that what doctors in hospitals are prescribing for cancer patients is in line with the opinion offered by top experts. It will help hospitals and us decide there is no over or under treatment for the management of cancer under the scheme.

Dr. Indu Bhushan

National Health Authority, Government of India
Chief Executive Officer

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